Guide to cl-bodge graphics system is in the works

Unbeleivably, I’ve got into writing more cl-bodge docs recently. But you know what, now I know how to make it a lot more fun - literate programming!

Common Lisp, SLY/SLIME and Emacs org-mode are especially good for this kind of task.

org-mode exposes tools for evaluating code blocks directly from a document and tangling those blocks into source files appropriately, while Common Lisp + SLY/SLIME combination allows you to gradually build your project evaluating code bit-by-bit in a live session, meaning you are writing documentation and building a project at the same time, meaning you are not getting bored of writing plaintext as much, which is just an amazingly handy trait of writing guides or examples in literate programming style.

To have a sneak peek into what’s coming, you can have a look at the WIP guide on GitHub. All source code in this project is generated from .org files. You can’t use the guide yet, because latest cl-bodge updates are not published into cl-bodge dist. You can clone whole bodge-projects repository recursively into ~/quicklisp/local-projects/, but I would recommend against this practice. At least don’t forget to delete all the cloned stuff after trying it out.