Common Lisp
Practical Common Lisp - awesome free online version of a book for learning Common Lisp
A Road to Common Lisp
Personal opinion on how to learn Common Lisp by Steve Losh
Common Lisp HyperSpec - a language documentation
Lisp gamedev resources
Delivering games written in Common Lisp
Guide to shipping Common Lisp applications while avoiding most annoying problems


A Beginners Guide to Dual-Quaternionscopy
What they are, how they work, and how to use them for 3D character hierarchies
From classical mechanics to computer graphics and beyond

Bikes [RU]
Отличный ресурс для общения на велосипедную тематику. Организация велопоходов, велопрогулок. [RU]
Очень полезный блог для начинающих велосипедистов (продолжающим тоже будет интересно)

Whiteside Ridge server community of Guild Wars 2